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Good morning,

    I wanted to personally thank you for changing my life. It’s been well over a month since we started this detox diet and my quality of life has already made great improvements. For a long time I was suffering from constipation, poor sleep, low energy, and ill behavior.

    I'm sorry that my communication through emails has been slack but I wanted to let you know, everything has taken a complete U- turn for me and I’m finally feeling good again. With your guidance and the help from my loving wife, this was all made possible and has helped me tremendously.

Thank you and God bless you, EB

I came to Linda at Pure Energy Lifestyle to have her help me heal my digestion and achieve some weight loss. I felt sluggish, tired, achy and had lots of headaches.

I am down 25 pounds and almost to the 90 day mark. I never thought I would make it this far. I feel amazing – I have more energy, my achy joints are gone, and the headaches are few and far between.

I especially appreciate how nice it was to email Linda for support and with questions, especially in the first few hard weeks of a new way of eating.

The 30 days I have left seems like nothing! Thank you Linda!   T.S.

I had my first Emotion Code session with Linda yesterday, it was so amazing! You can see her passion for what she does to help others. I feel uplifted after my session yesterday and am looking forward for another session!  MF

Hi Linda, Thank you for your thoughtful email. It is reassuring to know that I can contact you when the dust settles and have your help getting through these difficult times. I hope all is well with you too. I am so grateful that I found you and and Emotion Code. Thank you again!!!  SB

Good morning, Linda. 

Congratulations on last night's Playshop! I confess when I arrived I was so tired I doubted whether I should have come.  But I left feeling relaxed and energized. Amazing what a change of focus and activity can do!

The Playshop was so much fun--a hands-on approach to learning -- mixed with congenial companionship. You had gone the extra mile in gathering materials and setting up so that the activities went smoothly and worked so well. I came home proud of the EO lemonade, hummus, and probiotic deodorant. I'm sure these health products will be incorporated into my routine.  

I know God is giving you this opportunity to bless others with your knowledge, ability to communicate in practical ways, and, especially your sweet spirit! And you are such a fountain of information!

It was a personal joy to me to spend time with you. You have blessed my life in numerous ways.    JJ 


Dear Dr Linda,

Thank you so much for giving of your time to educate our group leaders on emotional healing! You did a great job and it was so very eye opening and fascinating. You have a real gift. We're so happy you are part of our HealingStrong family and appreciate all you do with your own group. Please accept this gift as a token of thanks for your time and expertise. Many blessings to you! S and D



Still sticking to it! The four meat servings per week is difficult but I'm doing my best! 

I have lost 15 pounds!

The itching I was having is gone.

My bowel movements are regular for the first time since childhood.

My blood sugar valleys are no more.

I have lots of energy and am not craving the wrong foods. I find I’m satisfied with less food and am drawn to eat the healthy foods.   Thanks!   SC

Dr. Linda,

I am SO thrilled to see that you will be the guest speaker during this month's team huddle.  Please feel free to use our session and my story as a testimonial.  By Friday of that week I was enough better that I was able to drive to Eugene to my doctors appointment. I do a little more exercise each day and am being as good to my body as I can be.  I truly believe you were heaven sent, the timing was at my lowest ever, and the results were miraculous to me.  God bless your spirit and gifts.  In gratitude,  MS



I had a chronic injury in my right calf that had kept me from running and participating in my regular exercise routine for months. No matter what I did it was not healing and ached constantly. I went to see Linda and she muscle tested. The test revealed that I had a trapped emotion being held in the calf from an experience when I was a teenager (I am 44 now). She walked me through the steps of letting go of the trapped emotion and releasing it from my body. I immediately began to feel relief in the calf. I no longer have any pain or issue and am back to running regularly. Amazing experience! Thank you Linda.  AR 


Dr Linda

Thank you so much- I've been struggling with this stuff since 2004.  It was time to let go and move on!  I can't express how grateful I am. I've found that my mood is much more stable, and that I am sleeping much better.  Of course, it also helps that I've lost 35 pounds. I feel like a new person, and I can't thank you enough.   AP                                                                


My 10 year old daughter has been having difficulty reading since first grade. She has developed frustration and insecurity which affect her attitude about school and learning in a negative way. After trying many therapies that helped improve her reading skills she still felt unsure and insecure. I asked Linda to see if trapped emotions were attached to these and there were. Linda found several trapped emotions, one of which was inherited, and released them from her.

When my daughter began the new school year she was excited. She has thrived this year and has no sign of frustration or insecurity toward her reading skills and school work. I am thrilled with the change and grateful for the life-changing work Linda does.  CH 

Dr Linda

We can't thank you enough for your great presentation. I am SOOO sorry about that beeping!!!! I think you said you heard static but it had to be so distracting and you're quite the professional to be able to talk through that. You really offered great info and you explained things well and easy to understand. We actually have 2 volunteers for you!

Thanks again for your time, it was really great. Looking forward to February!   HealingStrong Cancer Support Staff

Good Morning Linda !

I was so blessed by the Healing Strong support group meeting last Monday.  I left the meeting feeling excited and hopeful. I thank God for your ministry and the way He is using you to change lives for His glory.

I look forward to talking with you soon. God bless and have a great day.  PW


Thanks so much Linda.  It was a great meeting.  Really appreciate your heart for others and for God. 

Lord willing, see you on June 20!   LC

I wanted to thank you for all of the great information you passed on at last night’s meeting. (HealingStrong) What a wonderful group to spend time with – you are truly a blessing to us all, thank you so much.  KM

Linda, Thanks for sharing and teaching during your stay here. You will be truly missed by all who's lives you touched, confirming the fact "New life begins when one understands the importance of taking charge of their own health", for me in particular, I appreciate you and your contribution to wellness.... CR


Wow!  What a wonderful class last night, and a wonderful testimony!  Great turnout as well!  We will miss you and your spirit!  You show God’s glory even in conversation. Continue to do God's work and He will continue to bless you as you bless others, and glorify Him, amen! BB


I truly enjoyed learning about God's awesome gift of essential oils. You are a wonderfully passionate presenter. I love how God just dropped you into my life, even at the last minute before you move. Blessings, Strength & Power through Christ Jesus <><  PN

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