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3 of the top pre-requisites for healing:

1. A willingness to be open to new ideas and concepts. As Einstein said, “You cannot solve a problem with the same consciousness that created the problem.” So when I work with clients one of my main jobs is to help people see things from a different perspective so they can understand what has created the problem. Obviously, if people already knew the answer to that question, they probably wouldn't be ill or coming to see me in the first place!

2. Commitment to the program - stickability. Everyone progresses at their own pace and healing cannot be rushed, because there are lessons to be learned. Until we get those lessons, the body will send symptoms as a safety measure. So while some people can have remarkably and seemingly quick turnarounds, others will need to put more time in. Whichever it is, progress is always perfect for each individual. The trick is to not get despondent, and to release attachment to 'deadlines' on getting well.

3. A greater focus on 'what do I need to learn and change?' as opposed to 'when will I be well?'. The reason we have become ill is because we have been breaking the 'laws of health'. We have to learn what these laws are and stop breaking them to get well!

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