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Five Rules for Mind-Body Healing

1. Relax, be quiet and connect spirit to Spirit with your Creator God.

2. Focus your attention on one thing (your breath), which allows you to develop mental self-control and avoid distractions. (The above two points are achieved through meditation).

3. Visualize and Imagine pictures as they are the preferred language of the mind.

4. Incorporate intent into the process, desire some goal to be reached and expect that it will.

5. Feel/experience strong positive emotions during the healing process.

The Technique for “Working With Your Body” for Healing

1. Be still before the Lord which will take you to your alpha level of mind.

2. Visualize Your Current State of Health on Your Mental Picture Screen.

Visualize the current condition of your body, including the dis-ease or pain that is bothering you. You do not need to memorize or know what each component of your body actually looks like. Simple pictures are enough to speak to your mind. A lung can be imagined as a balloon. A kidney can resemble a kidney bean. Create a representative picture of the ailment such as a dark cloud or ugly critter with sharp teeth. Feel and experience as fully as you can all the emotions associated with this problem.

3. See Yourself Healing and Getting Better and Healthier.

Now visualize the ailment disappearing. Create, with your imagination, a step-by-step action to remove the ailment.


Kidney stones can be crushed into harmless powder that is then removed from the body.

Tumors can be visualized as large black blobs, while your immune system and white blood cells are visualized as tiny soldiers attacking the tumor. On each attack the tumor gets smaller and smaller.

A sore muscle can be bathed in an imaginary healing light that dissolves the pain and restores the muscle to a healthy state.

The exact image you use is not important – create something that speaks to you. It does not have to be scientifically correct. It only has to be symbolic. Your subconscious mind will get the message.

4. Let the final picture be one of perfect health.

Imagine health to be true and already occurring by seeing pictures of yourself doing all the things you want to do when you are healthy. Smell it, taste it, hear all the sounds associated with living healthy. Feel the joy and energy of having perfect health. Experience perfect health as much as you can using all 5 senses.

It can be helpful to say an affirmation such as:

“My body and mind are perfectly healthy” or “I am so happy and grateful now that my ______ is functioning perfectly and is in a state of excellent health.”

5. Let Go.

Let go and trust your body’s God-given self-healing ability. Believe that the healing process is taking place and walk into the actions of living healthy. Get up and go live your healthy life!

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